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Fellow bingers, listen up! One of the foods that really sets off a binge for me is peanut butter- freshly opened and mixed. I’m not going to lie, I’ve finished a jar in a day and a half, and I’ve felt absolutely awful afterward. Simply put, in my life, moderation and peanut butter are not pals.
What to do? Give up peanut butter? Never. My college caf has these little plastic cups with lids intended for soy sauce or dressing, and I’ve pilfered a couple dozen to use for peanut butter partitioning. I scoop out a tablespoon into each cup, seal it, and then put them all in the fridge.
I find this method really helpful in fending off bingeing urges because scooping the pb out of individual little cups is so much less satisfying than repetitively dunking a spoon into a full jar. Also, the individual servings are helpful for smoothie/oatmeal/sandwich making.
There. Now you can have your pb and eat it too!

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I planned to wake up early this morning to complete a stressful last minute assignment for an 8:30 class, and just as my eyes opened (begrudgingly) I got an email that the class was cancelled. YAAAAY! It was suddenly a lot easier to get up, and I went for a 7 mile run (which resulted in a nice fat toe blister), followed up with a 4 banana, soy milk, and chocolate soft serve breakfast. Started this fantastic book by Felicity Lawrence- I definitely recommend it if you’re interested in your health and food. Feeling healthy and energized- have a wonderful day all!

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Getting stronger and faster just in time for my half marathon!
Sunday, Mar 30 (rest)
Monday, Mar 31 (5.0 mi/46:26)
Tuesday, April 1 (5.0 mi/45:50)
Wednesday, April 2 (4.0 mi/37:06)
Thursday, April 3 (6.0 mi/53:57 &
                            4.0 mi/38:46)
Friday, April 4 (4.0 mi/38:12)
Saturday, April 5 (5.0 mi/47:30)
Sunday, April 6 (8.0 mi/73:32 &
                          5.0 mi/44:22)

Stopped by my campus Cosí for lunch today and picked up the most delicious salad (the Smart Fit). It’s got romaine, kale, scallions, black beans, corn, carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, and avocado. I passed on the dressing, which I think has Greek yogurt in it…but got a massive slice of multigrain flatbread (that I don’t regret one bit 😁)

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