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Hey all! In order to get myself in tip top shape for the summer months and (more importantly) for my half marathon, I’ve been following a training plan from, which I followed last year and really enjoyed.
I’ve also been doing HIIT workouts to try to lose my last 5-10 pounds and to shed a bit of fat. My favorites are from Sophie Gray (ig: @wayofgray) and Kayla Itsines (ig: @kayla_itsines) who both have training guides.
Sophie’s is around $10, which I’ve purchased from her website and really enjoy doing, and Kayla’s is around $70 (a bit too expensive for me right now), but she offers a sample of exercises in a free PDF on her website, in addition to tons of workouts on her Instagram.
I really recommend checking these two ladies out- their workouts and fun, fast, and effective.

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